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I felt that it wasn’t immediately obvious how you go about doing this and It took a bit of research to figure out how it worked (and how it didn’t — as some tutorials that I followed seemed to maybe not be 100% sure of how it worked either)


There are two parts to this, one is in the GUI and the other is in the code that you want to use the info for:

  1. import maya.cmds as cmds
  4. def printTextField(*args):
  5. #This is the specific line of code that gets the field entry:
  6. textFieldData = cmds.textField(textFieldEntry, editable = True, query = True, text=True)
  7. print(textFieldData)
  9. windowID = 'someWindow'
  11. if cmds.window(windowID, exists=True):
  12. cmds.deleteUI(windowID)
  14. cmds.window(windowID, title='A Window', sizeable=True, width = 400)
  15. cmds.rowColumnLayout(numberOfColumns=1, columnWidth=[(1,400)], columnOffset=[(1,'both', 3)])
  17. #This is the text field as it is created in the GUI
  18. textFieldEntry = cmds.textField(editable = True)
  20. cmds.button(label = 'Apply', command = functools.partial(printTextField))
  22. cmds.showWindow()

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