3D Artistry, the Industry:

Quality 3D work is not easy to make and is therefore expensive. It takes many years to develop the skills necessary to be a solid 3D artist. It is also very expensive to keep up the software licenses and hardware that we use to create.
Let’s face it, people expect artists to take it on the chin because deep in their dark, dark souls they think that anybody that enjoys their job that much should not be paid well for it… Think about it… You know it’s true!
But here’s the thing, good 3D artists have skillsets that reach far beyond the challenges of smearing colored mud on a surface with a stick. No offense intended to you painters but, these are facts. 3D generalists like myself must be good at; drawing, sculpting, painting, rigging, animating and scripting. But wait, I am also an independent contractor, so I have to be good at; communication, project structure, time management and budgeting. Oh, and finally you might be surprised to find out that 3D Artists are also people! I know right? So, we also have to; eat, put a roof over our heads, feed and clothe ourselves, care for our children, pay taxes (so many taxes) and so on. So please take these things into account when you look for 3D services.

What? So much 1
Simple Humanoid
Complex Humanoid