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Method for Multiple UV Tiles in Maya (2018)

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Setup a layered texture node feeding whatever channel (diffuse) for example.

Layer your image files into the layered texture.

Select all of the image nodes and go to the attribute spread sheet.  Turn all default color RBG values to 0

For each 2D placement node, turn off Wrap U and Wrap V

In the Attribute Editor for the Image Node:
Set UV Tiling Mode to Explicit Tiles
Change the U and V values to reflect each image’s placement along the UV tiles.
The coordinate system is 0 ...

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0 was hacked.

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For me namespaces were just a giant pain in the ass.  They always seemed to get in the way and they were always cropping up because maya likes to use them by default and even if you have them turned off on import they will still crop up due to cross version issues or references or how the file was saved last.  I never truly understood namespaces in Maya until I started writing scripts to deal with them.  I knew ...

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