My name is Seth Meshko and this is my website!  Here you will find samples of my work, tutorials I have created and notes about process.

Please feel free to reach out, particularly if you would like to hire me :).


Work in Progress, 3D Platform Character

This is a video of a screen capture of a game asset I have been working on. This asset is currently in development. It’s a 3d, 3rd person platform character system including a dynamic camera. The characters were created in Maya and the behavior was coded in unity. The basic character movements for the characters is complete. I am now working on battle modes and refining animations. Play with this asset in a mock-up level in either a web browser or as a downloadable.

Web Player

PC Download

From the Blog

Ruxue Animation Walk Through


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Maya’s Animation Caching System new to 2019

Now that we are done with 2019 I will upgrade to Maya… 2019. I think it is still a common practice among mo...

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Generate a list of joints from a skeleton in Maya, cut and paste into a python list

Source code   skeletonRoot = cmds.ls(selection = True)skeletonList = cmds.listRelatives(...

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Create a Directory from Maya Python

Source code   def directoryCheckMake(): directoryExists = os.path.isdir(savePath)...

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