Welcome to 3DAnimationArtist.com

My name is Seth Meshko and I’m a 3D Animation Artist… hence the name of the website.  It would be weird if I was like, “Welcome to 3DAnimationArtist, a source for all your urinal cake needs!”

Anyway this site is all about my process and work.  But more than that it is a place where I can offer a little back to the community.

I find that I am frequently the beneficiary of great learning content delivered by very generous people offering very good advice, creating tutorials and just being all around awesome for no greater gain than the satisfaction of improving the industry and helping educate poor frustrated artists like myself.

I have learned a thing or two about this whole 3D thing and this is a place where people can benefit from what I have learned too.

You will find a lot of useful information here.  You may also see some of my work.

Know this about this site, it will change a lot.  I am using this as a sort of public repository for my notes, work and other junk related to being a 3d Animation Artist.  You will find that this site is constantly in flux.  It may change look and feel and content regularly.